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Elite Strength and Performance
Boot Camps - Kettlebell - Personal Training


"Kyle is very motivating! I used to always dread going to the gym, but this is fun and I look forward to going! I never get bored because the workouts are always different!  I can definitely see results...I feel stronger and faster and all together better since I've started bootcamp! " - Jess Freeman, Watertown, CT

"I've tried a lot of different workouts but this is definitely the best one ever.  The 45 minute workouts that Kyle puts together for us are never the same.  He keeps it interesting and challenging which keeps us all coming back.  I am a big fan and am so grateful that Elite Strength and Performance came to Thomaston". - Dawn Rousseau, Thomaston, CT

"I love working out at Elite Strength and Performance! I used to find it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. Now I look forward to my workouts! Kyle is a great motivator and the workouts are constantly changing so you never get bored! I have seen great results and look forward to my workouts each week!" - Beth Kulman Adams, Waterbury, CT

"For all of you wondering what this Elite Strength and Performance is … it is all about my man Kyle Stevenson and his wife Jessica. Let me paint you a picture...because it is far cry from the nightclubs acting as gyms that most of you have been used to. You pull into the parking lot of the centuries old Seth Thomas Clock Factory. You enter in through the side door, and make your way up the concrete stairs to the third floor. You can still feel and smell what it must of been like over a hundred years ago when they were cranking out clocks. Then, you open up the original fire doors with the return weight chain, and you head down the aisle that once was lined with machines and workers by the hundreds. While walking, you pass the storage areas used now for spices and you approach a pair of unassuming white wood doors (hollow-core for my Firefighter brethren). You open the doors and then the blast furnace heat hits you. Amazingly, you haven’t even started yet and you’re sweating. Once you enter you realize there is no juice bar, no flat screen TV, no AC, and no excuses, just some weights, tires, ropes, kettlebells, your sweat, your desire, your goals. Get ready to bring it! 45 minutes later you collapse, finished, you take a swig of your now warm water and it is the best tasting water you ever had. You actually look forward to that shower because you know you earned it. So enjoy your "workout" later at that club gym. I’m sure you’ll get satisfaction on that elliptical while you’re watching Springer!" - Joe Scaglione, Wolcott, CT

"Elite Strength and Performance is ...

 Life changing

 Insanely Addicting

 Tremendously Empowering

 Energizing " - Christine Schwartz, Thomaston, CT

Welcome to Elite Strength and Performance. Our facility specializes in fitness boot

camps, kettlebell training, personal training, and small group training. We are

located in the Seth Thomas Building, 3rd floor in Thomaston.


As a certified personal trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness,

my mission is to give all fitness levels the opportunity to build strength and

endurance, tone muscles, and burn fat in a comfortable and motivating environment. 

News and Upcoming Events

  • -  In an effort to maintain a healthy workout environment, we have installed automatic hand sanitizers. Please use these sanitizers before and after workouts. 

  • - Keep an eye on our Facebook page ... we are giving away t-shirts and free boot camp classes!

ESAP clients due to the fabulous weather in CT, I have set up a remind101 account. You can sign up for alerts that will go directly to your cell phone or email. These alerts would include any class cancellations due to weather, etc. To sign up ...

    Send a text to - (424) 835-7594
  • With the message - @esap

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